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growing medical marijuana in Florida laws

The Laws – Growing Medicinal cannabis in Florida

Who can grow medical marijuana in Florida? Growing of Cannabis in Florida Sadly, Florida law prohibits the possession of cannabis […]

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fl heal department medical marijuana

Florida Medical Marijuana Patient Privacy

Your Privacy as a Florida Medical Cannabis Patient Similar to other patient-physician relationships, the relationship between marijuana doctors and patients […]

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medical marijuana doctor jacksonville

Medical Marijuana legal updates, March 2018

Medical Marijuana in Florida – John Morgan Sues for Right to Smoke Florida legislators have started to challenge the government’s […]

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cannabinoids in medical marijuana

Explaining Cannabinoids

What are cannabinoids? How do they work? Cannabinoids were first recognized by scientists in the 1940’s. The molecular structure of tetrahydrocabinol […]

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cannabinoids reduce opioid use in usa

Medical Marijuana Use Not Allowed In Florida Nursing Homes

Why are Florida Nursing Homes Are Prohibiting Medical Cannabis Use? Nursing homes in Florida are denying senior citizens access to […]

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medical marijuana doctor delray beach

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are coming to Brevard County

Medical marijuana dispensaries OK’d to open in March in Brevard County, Florida Medicinal Marijuana dispensaries will open starting March 2018 […]

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florida medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana is reducing Florida’s dependency on opioids

Medical marijuana may help reduce America’s opioid dependency Medical cannabis provides unrivaled treatment opportunity for patients suffering from dependence to opiates. […]

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florida medical marijuana card

Florida Medical Marijuana for Diabetes Patients

Researchers from GW Pharmaceuticals in England have revealed that cannabis contains two compounds with the ability to increase the energy […]

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diagram of thc florida medical marijuana program

Florida Medical Marijuana for Seizure Patients

About epilepsy Did you know that at least 150,000 new epilepsy cases are diagnosed each year and at least 1 […]

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marijuana helps reduce chronic pain

Florida Medical Marijuana for Cancer

Medical Marijuana for Florida Cancer Patients Cancer applies to over 100 conditions that generally involve malignant cells that invade the […]

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Florida Medical Marijuana for AIDS

Individuals with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are usually in the last stage of HIV. The condition results in severe […]

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movie review The Union: The Business Behind getting high

Film Review – The Union

Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on Marijuana: An Editorial Review of The Union The legal status of drugs, particularly marijuana, has […]

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