Florida Medical Marijuana Physician Partners

Florida Medical Marijuana

Practice Partners Program

Looking To Start A Medical Marijuana Practice?

At the Center for Health and Wellness we have developed a unique business opportunity for clinicians and entrepreneurs to start a highly efficient and profitable medical marijuana practice right in their own office or in a separate stand-alone location.

Our unique “Practice Partner” program coupled with our proprietary “Back Office Support Services” provides complete clinical, administrative, operational, legal and marketing support to the “new” medical marijuana practice while maximizing the revenue potential possible from a highly efficient medical marijuana practice.

This unique Practice Partner concept allows the medical marijuana provider/entrepreneur to develop a “new” medical marijuana practice in almost no time at all with minimum initial financial investment while benefiting from a sustainable revenue stream for years to come.

About Us

We are and Integrated multidisciplinary medical marijuana healthcare network of physicians, expertly trained in the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of approved conditions.

Patient Focused Care

  • Our clinicians apply a holistic approach in the use of medical marijuana.
  • Focus is on pain and symptom management and disease modification.
  • We utilize a patient-oriented approach to disease specific treatment.
  • CHW clinicians use the most effective MMJ treatments options available.  
  • We provide on-line and on-site training unique to each clinic and practitioner.
  • Our central support team provides 24/7 physician and administrative support

Practice Partner Program

A CHW Practice Partner is a private practice physician who has:

  • Incorporated a MMJ clinic into their existing clinic
  • Started a “New” CHW MMJ clinic in a separate location
  • Utilized CHW MMJ clinic expertise to start your “New” MMJ clinic

How Do I Get MMJ Patients?

  • From your current patient population
  • From website and multimedia leads
  • Direct referrals from CHW referral line
  • Direct referrals from CHW marketing efforts

Back office Support Services Provided

  • Expert on site MMJ education and training.
  • Medical record review and determination of patient eligibility.
  • Expert advice on initial and follow-up treatment and dosing recommendations.
  • New and renewal MMJ order entry into the compassionate use registry.
  • Patient registration as well as maintenance of the Compassionate Use Registry Database.
  • Training manuals as well as online access to MMJ formulary, dosing guidelines and treatment protocol for specific disease/medical conditions.
  • Provided appropriate documentation related to compliance with Florida Board of Medicine/Osteopathic Board of Medicine
  • 24/7 patient, administrative and physician support.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of patient schedule.
  • Screening of all perspective patients for clinician.
  • Patient medical marijuana card application assistance.
  • All billing and charge entry processing.
  • On-site and on-line staff and physician training.
  • Accounting and legal assistance.

Marketing Support Services Provided

  • CHW website link.
  • Website development for your clinic.
  • Multimedia development.
  • MMJ health seminars/Expos to expand and grow your MMJ practice.
  • Free MMJ screening health fairs.
  • Representation at FMA and FOMA medical conferences.
  • Print and News media exposure.
  • Exposure as a MMJ speaker/expert at various MMJ events.


  • All administrative services are provided by central support team
  • Reduce overhead costs and increases MMJ practice efficiency
  • Increased operational cash-flow and profitability
  • Immediate access to cash payments and direct deposit to Practice Partner’s bank account
  • All the benefits of having a MMJ clinic without all the operational and administrative headaches
  • Physician works less and makes more money
  • Increase income potential with minimal financial investment and limited risk

Interested?  Please Let Us Know How We Can Help …

Your New Life Begins Today!

John L. Simons, DO

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