Main Office – Jacksonville, FL

Main Office – Jacksonville, FL

Main Office – Jacksonville, FL

If you are seeking an alternative to prescription drugs and looking for natural medicine, Cannabis may be right for you.Medical Marijuana is now available to Florida patients with the passing of Amendment 2 and the Florida Compassionate Care Act. At Center for Health and Wellness our physicians will review your medical records and determine whether you are eligible for medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana works for many conditions and has finally been recognized legally in the state of Florida. The science has existed for some time, for example the National Cancer Institute published a study that confirms the benefits that cannabis can have for cancer patients. See the research here.

Center for Health and Wellness in Jacksonville is a premier medical marijuana doctor. We provide medical marijuana evaluations for patients that are seeking their medical cannabis card.

Dr. John Simons DO is a family medicine doctor based in Jacksonville, FL he is affiliated with the Memorial Hospital Jacksonville. After studying Theology at St. Alcuin House Theological Seminary Simons continued his education into medical school at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has over 21 years of medical experience and he specializes in family medicine.

Amendment 2 was passed by the Florida voters in 2016 giving patients access to this medicine under the supervision of an approved physician. Jacksonville has multiple dispensaries which are equipped to serve patients here with standardized medical marijuana products. Our doctors will help you to find the right products for your condition and work with you to achieve results.

Our goal is to provide an environment of education and compassion to help you figure out exactly what you need and how the medical marijuana system works here in Florida.

Patients who have a doctor’s recommendation in Florida may lawfully acquire medicinal cannabis gave by state authorized dispensaries. A qualified doctor may not issue a supply in excess of three 70-days to Jacksonville medical marijuana patients. Qualified patients are not allowed to smoke the drug, they are only able use approved medical marijuana products in Jacksonville purchased from licensed dispensaries.

Jacksonville is home to many people who need medical marijuana and the Center for Health and Wellness is here to educate and direct patients to the right products and medical marijuana dispensaries in Jacksonville. The laws here are new so please allow us to educate you on the process and your rights as a Jacksonville medical marijuana patient. Patients are required to abide by Article X Section 29 of the Florida Constitution and 381.986 Florida Statutes

A study done at the University of Michigan in March 2016 published in the Journal of Pain on medical marijuana found that:

  • Medical marijuana decreased side effects from other medications
  • Medical marijuana improved quality of life in test subjects
  • Medical marijuana reduced the use of opioid medications by 64% (on average)

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