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Hello, this is Dr. Pulido. I have received a few questions about Dr. Simmons and the changes to CHW recently. Please see below my response so you can get the full story. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me here.

Example question from a concerned patient:

“Hello Dr. Pulido. Wanted to touch base and get your view on the apparent controversy with Center for Health and Wellness. My wife was called by someone claiming to be from your office and told her you had taken over the patients of Dr. Simon. She made an appt for renewal. Then Center for Health and Wellness called about her renewal and told her that you had bought the patient list from Dr. Simon and was illegally stealing patients from them and advised her that she should keep her appt with them and not see you, inferring that something illegal or at least questionable was going on. I will be due for as renewal soon and would like some guidance. Any comments? Thank you.”


Hello and thank you for this message. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write such a thoughtful commentary and allowing me the opportunity to clear this up. Unfortunately, your experience is not unique. I have heard the same complaint from multiple other patients, and I feel like it is about time that I give a factual response to clear the air once and for all.

When I found out the Dr. Simmons was retiring, I called him directly and asked him if he needed any help with the ongoing care of his patients and stated that I would be happy to help. I even went so far at that time as to offer to purchase his practice if it would be helpful, a relatively common occurrence. At that time, he politely said “No, thank you”.

Several months later I was contacted again directly by Dr. Simmons who asked at that point if I would please help with his patients. He said that his previous office manager had done some inappropriate business practices. This included closing Dr. Simmons previous office location and opening a similar office across the hallway in his building without permission. Dr. Simmons further stated she renamed the business a very similar name, along with the new website.

Dr. Simmons was quite concerned and upset about this behavior, and was worried about the ongoing care of his patients and the legacy of his practice. He then asked me if I could please help by taking over the care of his patients. I agreed and even offered to pay him for this opportunity as is customary. He refused payment, asking only that I commit to taking as good of care as possible of his patients. Dr Simmons actions where quite honorable and are not commonplace today.

I am not 100% sure why Dr Simmons entrusted me with what he obviously cares so deeply about, but I believe it may be related to the fact that I was trained at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, My practice is just up the road from his previous practice location, and that I have the lowest pricing for the entire state of Florida.

Since taking over Dr. Simmons patients I have kept my promise and have helped not only Dr Simmons, but many other doctors patients enjoy all the benefits of a medical Marijuana license without having to pay the ridiculously high prices that other doctors are charging.

To further clarify I have never paid Dr Simmons anything for any reason and I do everything that I do because I truly believe that Medical Marijuana saves lives, and everyone should have equal access to it.