Medical Marijuana For Glaucoma Florida

Medical Marijuana

For Glaucoma in Florida

The Compassionate use of Medical Marijuana Act passed in the year 2014 in the state of Florida allowed cancer and glaucoma patients to access the medical drug and still be free from the legal ramifications.  However, the act did not offer patients with a legal or safe way of getting the medical cannabis.

In the year 2016, the state passed Amendment 2 with over 71% majority to legalize cannabis for medical use. If you are in pain or discomfort from closed-angle or open-angle glaucoma visit an herbal clinic for medical cannabis in Florida to gain access to safe and lawful medical cannabis that will help alleviate most of the symptoms.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a severe condition of the eyes and people associate it with other neurologic illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Glaucoma arises after damages affect the optic nerve that connects to the brain. If not caught earlier, glaucoma can cause loss of eyesight.

Generally, glaucoma results from eyes inability to drain fluids. The fluids put stress inside the eyes and as a result, pressure builds up on the optic nerve. Mydriasis is the common open-angle glaucoma symptom. Other symptoms include mydriasis or dilated eye pupil. In severe cases, mydriasis results in outward projected iris.


Around half of glaucoma patients experience ocular hypertension and over 90% experience open-angle glaucoma. Around 10% of glaucoma patients experience closed-angle glaucoma that causes acute stinging pain in the eyes and faster loss of vision due to trabecular network complete blockage.


To catch glaucoma earlier, you should receive an eye exam every year. Glaucoma results from various factors and the patients’ average age is 75 years in the United States. Elderly people are likely to develop the condition. Individuals at the highest risk are those with Caribbean, African and Asian ancestry.

Symptoms of glaucoma include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Redness in eyes
  • Severe pain in eye or forehead

Medical marijuana use in helping glaucoma patients

Many patients find it hard to handle traditional glaucoma treatments and medications. These treatments include some pretty harsh side effects including: palpitations, tachycardia and altered mental states.

In the year 1964, Professor Manley West and Dr. Albert Lockhart conducted a study in Jamaica to examine use of medical cannabis in glaucoma symptoms treatment. The two went on to invent the cannabis-based eye drops treatment for the Canasol disease in the year 1987.

Studies have proven that medical cannabis lowers intraocular pressure (IOP). That is important in glaucoma treatment because ocular hypertension is the high-risk factor for glaucoma. Medical marijuana has miotic qualities, which promote drainage of aqueous humor of optic nerve into trabecular network. If you have the disease, you can qualify for medical marijuana in Florida.

Studies have also shown that medical marijuana is an effective pain reliever, an important treatment for people suffering from the closed-angle glaucoma. Lastly, the National Eye Institute and Federal National Institute of Health has supported use of the herb in glaucoma treatment since the year 1970.


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