Medical Marijuana For M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) Florida

Medical Marijuana

For Multiple Sclerosis in Florida

Medical cannabis has been successful in treating most symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Patients from different parts of the world have found relief from pain, paralysis and muscle spasms after using it for some time. But, why is the medical marijuana so effective in treating the incurable neurodegenerative disorder? Here is how marijuana eases the symptoms of MS.

First, what is Multiple Sclerosis?

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundationhas estimated that every week in the US 200 people will be diagnosed with MS. There are very few conditions that are as long-lasting and progressively debilitating as MS.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurodegenerative autoimmune disorder that affects the spinal cord, brain and the optic nerve. The immune system can start seeing neurons as destructive invaders for some reason. Therefore, the body’s immune cells start attacking them. These self-inflicted damages lead to scar tissue build-up. In other words, the neurons stop firing correctly to direct signals to the other parts of the body.

There are millions of MS sufferers globally, but the bad news is that the disorder has no cure. The treatment options include powerful drugs that work to slow down the disease’s progression and manage the symptoms to quicken recovery from attacks. That is where medical marijuana comes in. Medical cannabis has been shown to improve the brain functions and to ease symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

How cannabis eases multiple sclerosis symptoms:

  • It protects the brain

All multiple sclerosis patients experience one major problem – inflammation. After the immune cells have activated, they free pro-inflammatory proteins known as cytokines, which cause pro-inflammatory proteins inside the brain. That ultimately leads to neuron destruction and worsening symptoms. Non-psychoactive CBD and psychoactive THC in cannabis deactivate the brain’s immune system therefore stopping violent attack on central nervous system.

  • It eases pain

Medical cannabis is an amazing alternative for chronic pain. The potent analgesic cannabinoids including CBD and THC engage the pain receptors inside the body. The power of the herb to knockout inflammation also plays part – because pain and inflammation go hand in hand.

  • It stops spasms and muscle stiffness

Around 20% of multiple sclerosis sufferers have spasticity problems (uncontrollable muscle twitching and stiffness). The condition arises when damages on the nerve cells, responsible for movement occur. The damages result from inflammation, particularly in the spine and brain.

  • It improves digestion

Gastrointestinal problems are very common in multiple sclerosis patients. Constipation, bowel control problems and digestion difficulties can make your life miserable. Don’t worry! Marijuana can help. Around 70% of the immune cells exist in the gut. Unsurprisingly, cannabinoids engage with the immune cells and reduce inflammation in bowels. THC is also a great appetite stimulant and maintains the digestive juices flowing throughout the day for an improved eating experience.

  • It helps the patient sleep

When the body is out of control, sleeping throughout the night becomes a big challenge. To catch up on some desirable sleep, cannabis will put the mind and body to rest. Cannabis helps MS patients fall asleep fast and remain asleep for more hours.


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