Florida Medical Marijuana for Cancer

Medical Marijuana for Florida Cancer Patients

Cancer applies to over 100 conditions that generally involve malignant cells that invade the surrounding tissues in the entire body. While all forms of cancer have their particular characteristics, the symptoms generally include cough, fever, fatigue, severe weight loss and substantial pain.

The common treatment options for cancers including radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery mostly lead to severe side effects like excruciating pain. Numerous studies show that medicinal cannabis is effective in mitigation of the side effects and other symptoms experienced by cancer patients.

The primary component of cannabis, THC, helps relieve pain in addition to reducing nausea and vomiting. A number of studies have shown that medicinal cannabis can effectively fight cancer cells and prevent spread of tumors. Cannabinoids (molecular components in marijuana) also show promise in relieving symptoms and reducing badness of side effects. The components are generally used in liquids, oils and edibles. Cannabinoids also helps speed apoptosis or death of cancer cells.

Patients in Florida who need access to medical cannabis for Cancer have access to different products and should consult with a physician regarding what they need to do based on the type and stage of cancer.


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