The fight for medical marijuana in South Florida

Medical Marijuana Debates in South Florida

Historians will tell you that marijuana extract was among the three most prescribed drugs in the United States, before its prohibition in the year 1937. After it was declared illegal, the drug’s use in the medical world was restricted. In spite of the regulations, studies on cannabis use as a medicinal drug continued. Most recently, Florida became the 26th State to accept its use.

After legalization in most states, the herb has become an important part of contentious debates. Will medicinal use lead to more recreational use? Or should patients start growing herbs for their own use? That might be the start.

The active chemical compounds in cannabis are very similar to the type of molecules in the brain known as endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoid systems influences your immune system, influences your mood, appetite, movement, sensation and sleep and protects your nerve cells from dying prematurely. Both endocannabinoids and compounds in cannabis attach to proteins known as cannabinoid receptors throughout the body.  

When a patient named Margaret experienced her first seizure in the year 2005, she did not expect the worst until doctors diagnosed her with epilepsy and prescribed some drugs. “I thought that I would take two pills in a day and my condition would improve,” Margaret recalls. However, the pill was not the answer she expected. In addition to the pills, Margaret tried 23 other medications, which did not improve her condition. She suffered over 700 seizures within 10 years and struggled with severe pharmaceutical side effects. But after adopting Marijuana as the 24th medication, she is now seizure free.

The doctor who handled this case, says that you should not see Margaret’s results as extraordinary as they seemingly are. Cannabis is widely known for reducing seizures epilepsy patients endure, without the many side effects associated with seizure disorder drugs.



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