Trulieve opens a medical marijuana dispensary on the Treasure Coast

Medical Marijuana Treatment Center is now available to the Treasure Coast, Florida

Even after the Treasure Coast banned medical marijuana dispensaries last year, patients in the area will soon reap the benefits of medicinal marijuana. That is, once Trulieve opens the first established dispensary in Indian River County. Even though it could be just the first of many, patients on the Treasure Coast who were once unable to medicate without traveling will now have easy access. 

Trulieve dispensary was approved several months before the City Council banned medical marijuana dispensaries in the year 2017. Since Indian River County banned the dispensaries, medical cannabis dispensaries are only permitted in St. Lucie County, Port St. Lucie, Rockledge, Palm Bay, Titusville, and Satellite Beach. Brevard County is still working to end its ban on medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

Trulieve has dispensaries all over Florida. You can find them in Clearwater, Orlando, Bradenton, Edgewater, and Tampa. Their main goal is to provide patients with safe, quality products on the Treasure Coast. They believe that the new dispensary will help them offer more customized care to the patients that need it most.

There are currently no marijuana dispensaries between Volusia County ane Palm Beach County. Despite the approval of the 2016 constitutional amendment that legalized use of medicinal marijuana for cancer, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, or glaucoma patients, the number of dispensaries is few and far between. 

However, Alachua-based Liberty Health Services applied to start its operations in the Treasure Coast area on February 14, 2018. There are no medical marijuana dispensaries in the Treasure and Space Coasts.

The services this medical marijuana dispensary will offer

The primary reason that Trulieve established the medical marijuana dispensary in Indian River County was to provide a secure and easy way for patients to access medical marijuana.  Benefits of the plant are already known and more research is done every day. Most states have accepted it as a treatment option for countless devastating medical conditions.

However widespread the access is, you can’t just walk into the dispensary and buy medicinal marijuana.  You need to consult a licensed medical practitioner. They should then guide you through the entire process. From initial consultation to recommended use of the cannabis. The doctors must pass through the approval process and rigorous vetting before they achieve certification.

Even though some medical cannabis patients claim that they have a “prescription” for the medical drug, cannabis prescriptions are illegal. According to the federal government classification, marijuana is still in the Schedule 1 drug category. That means that doctors cannot prescribe it to patients and you cannot go to a pharmacy to buy it. All they can give access to is a medicinal card that you then take to a state certified dispensary. 

Medicinal cannabis physicians supply the recommendation to patients in compliance with the laws of the state. A patient has to undergo a physical examination in addition to assessment of the medical history before they receive the recommendation for qualifying conditions. Florida has already issued 11 marijuana cultivation licenses.

To get medical marijuana in Florida, you have to show your identification and your marijuana registration card. You will also complete some paperwork that will make you a member of the collective gardens of the dispensary. You will then start receiving marijuana from the dispensary in return for monetary donations. You can still become a member of other gardens as well.

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