Why medical marijuana stimulates the appetite effectively

Whether or not you knew before, medicinal marijuana can influence your appetite and simultaneously help you appreciate various types of food. Cannabis and its high levels of THC has an incredible effect on appetite. This is because THC, the psychoactive element in marijuana, directly binds to your CB1 endocannabinoid receptors in your brain. Out of the many results of this binding, increased appetite is among the most powerful. As they often call it in the media, the munchies may come after you.

It’s important to note, however, that general doses of just CBD oil will have minimal effects. Unlike THC, CBD has a smaller impact on appetite since it is unable to bind to the CB1 receptors as effectively as THC. There are some CBD products on the market that can aide with hunger, but full plant extracts with higher levels of THC will have a more direct impact. Some marijuana products on the market are neither CBD dominant nor THC dominant and have significant amounts of each of the two cannabinoids. Products such as these will increase your appetite. As a good rule of thumb, if a product contains THC and you happen to consume it in large amounts, you will experience an increased appetite.

How to increase your appetite with medical marijuana

Marijuana’s ability to increase your appetite is one of many side effects of the medicinal side of cannabis. Increased appetite is one of the main reasons we’re seeing more and more individuals explore medical cannabis. By using marijuana to keep your appetite at higher levels throughout the day, you ensure balanced nutrition for both your mind and your body.

With the widespread medicinal application of cannabis, we’re seeing real results coming from scientific studies helping real people suffering from real diseases. For example, cancer patients benefit from THC cannabinoid from the increase their appetite and improvement of their sense of taste. An even more recent study shows that around 73 percent of cancer patients who use THC pills show an increased appreciation for food. This is compared to the 30 percent of patients who use placebos. Sixty-four percent of the participants reported heightened appetite. The hunger effects are essential for cancer patients as the THC helps them enjoy all their meals, particularly after chemotherapy treatments. Healthy appetite combats weight loss and enhances nutrition, therefore eliminating one of the most significant problems among cancer patients.


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