The Different administration methods for Florida Medical Marijuana

Approved Florida Medical Marijuana Administration Methods

If you are new to the world of medicinal cannabis, you should be aware that there are several ways to administer the medicine to yourself. The ability to manage marijuana in so many ways sets it leagues apart from most traditional pharmaceuticals. You can choose your method depending on your own subjective experience with medical concerns and cannabis.

Vaporizing Medical Marijuana in Florida

If you’re looking for the healthies option, vaping has been gaining great traction amongst the therapeutic community. It does not produce the harms associated with smoking and igniting raw material. Use of lower temperatures in vaporizers reduces the number of by-products. Moreover, vaporization offers the same, quick, relief as smoking. That is because the product enters the bloodstream faster. Vaporization is closer to inhaler administration. Both vaporization and smoking are excellent options for patients looking for fast or instant relief from medical issues like chronic pain, PMS pain and Fibromyalgia.


Most medical marijuana products are supplied in the form of capsules. Differentiating them from the medicine, you find in the local drug store can be troublesome since they have a similar appearance. They also work similarly. After swallowing the capsules, they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Since you have to wait for your digestion system to metabolize the product, capsules take longer time than smoking to provide effects. Depending on your stomach contents and health, that could be anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

Topical Medical Marijuana in Florida

Topicals are among the lesser known forms of medical cannabis but are most helpful for individuals suffering from pain and inflammation. Part of what makes them a better choice for first-time users is that they are free from psychoactive properties. That means that they won’t get you ‘high.’ Even more, they help patients experience faster pain relief from marijuana without the side effects associated with ingesting many marijuana products. They are suitable for individuals with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and a range of similar medical issues.

Florida Medical Marijuana Tinctures and Oils

Tinctures and marijuana oils are either added to other products, such as drinks or food, or administered on their own. Some distributors add oils to pill capsules so patients can swallow them, just like traditional medicines. However, when it comes to oil and concentrates quality is vital. In the past, distributors used methods that fouled the oil with harmful products. Today, the cleanest oil extraction method uses CO2 and therefore, you should expect to find pure cannabis oil in the market. Oils are the best alternative for people who need higher CBD or THC medications, such as epilepsy patients. Dosing oil and concentrates is much simpler than with many other forms.

Oils are great medicine for many approved Florida Amendment 2 conditions, They allow for accurate dosing and with them, patients can get medications directly to their gastrointestinal tract without having to consume edibles.

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